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OOFOS Vs Hoka Vs Kane

You’ve hung up your running shoes after a day of activities and now your feet need a rest. Plunking down on the couch and elevating them sure can help, but there’s an even better way to recover (especially if your day isn’t quite over yet.) Whether you’ve got errands to run, stretching to do, kids to pick up, or a dog to walk, recovery shoes are where it’s at. 

Wearing recovery shoes can give you major relief after a busy day. But how do you choose the right ones for you? After all, there’s a whole slew of options out there: Oofos vs Hoka vs Kane (oh my!) Fortunately, we’ve done the groundwork for you. 

In this article, we’ll cover some similar features of the Kane Revive active recovery sneaker, the Hoka Ora recovery slide and Oofos recovery sandals, and also uncover what sets them apart. Taking some time to consider what each shoe has to offer can help you decide what matters most to you, and make the best decision. 

What is recovery footwear?

Recovery shoes are built to help your feet and calves recover after working out, tennis games, long runs, and many other forms of activity. For anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet, finding the right pair of shoes that provide comfort and support is crucial. Plus, if your job requires you to be on your feet all day, these shoes are a great call. Your sore feet and legs would benefit from a pair of recovery footwear in your rotation.

The best recovery shoes out there will help lower inflammation, improve blood circulation, decrease stress on your muscles and joints, and reduce the risk of injury. Sound like a tall order? Let’s find out which footwear is up to the task. 

Recovery shoes overview:


Kane Revive

Our injection-molded sneaker is made from one of the most comfortable materials for the foot—our specialty EVA RestoreFoam.The Kane Revive’s dual density EVA construction allows for generous cushioning while actively supporting the foot all the while. Its sturdy yet soft quality gives you an unforgettably comfortable standing and walking experience. 

The best part? Our bio-based, closed-cell RestoreFoam is also a breeze to dry. Whether you accidentally spill on your sneaker, dunk it in water, or get splashed, the Kane Revive is quick-drying and easily wipeable. Rain or shine, this shoe is super convenient. You can even pop it in the washing machine on a cool cycle and towel off, or let air dry.

Another plus? Our shoe can actually be worn in water just as easily as on land. Though our air holes can’t prevent water entry, our injection molded sneaker won’t absorb moisture, so it’s easy to dump out and dry in a flash. You could even go for a swim in these, and once you return to land—just give them a quick pat and off you go! With a full foot surround, you won’t lose your shoe when walking in water or swimming.

Finally, if you’re looking for a closed-toe design that still offers ample breathability, you’ve found it in our shoe. Get all the foot protection you need without sacrificing air circulation. With our many air holes and interior channels, each step taken feels light and airy as a sandal, but with the robust control of a sneaker. Full foot coverage doesn’t have to feel suffocating, after all!

Hoka slides

Both the Kane Revive and Hoka slides have distinctive, durable construction with respective EVA foam blends.

While Hoka slides provide ample breathability, an open toe shoe with no backing can only deliver so much control and security for your foot. This also means the Hoka slide is simply not as functional in water as it is on land. If you attempt jumping off a dock or boat to swim in these - or even try walking in shallow water - you may lose one (or both) in a hurry!

Recovery slides and flip flops without backing or toe protection means there’s always the possibility of a slipping or flying off incident even when walking around outside. Our recovery shoe, on the other hand, allows for a fully reliable walking experience. 

Oofos slides 

The Oofos slides can be worn for casual situations as well as for certain light activities, and are available in a wide range of colors. But when compared to our shoe, the Oofos slide design is much less versatile, and can be worn in far fewer settings (think: strict dress codes that don’t allow any toe exposure.) 

For the same reasons as Hoka, Oofos slides are also not nearly as functional in water, nor are they even the best option for a stroll or errand run. There’s always a risk of your slide going AWOL.

Finally, it’s not abundantly clear which specific foam their Oofos Oofoam sandals are made from, whereas the above two brands are very explicit about their use of EVA.  


Kane Revive

Ready for unparalleled recovery stimulation? Our Kane Revive has specially engineered raised footbed nodes, which aid in the activation of blood flow at key pressure points. Your feet will feel enlivened with a massage-like effect in each and every wear. (Total score.)

Our Kane Revive reduces stress on the feet and joints, with shock absorption that controls impact and promotes natural motion. Our six recovery features - breathability, stimulation, support, rebounding, cushioning and grip - collaborate to renew peak readiness.

With our comfortably supportive features, chances are you won’t need a deep heel cup insert or other additions. As previously described, the Kane Revive has a dual density construction for generous cushioning and active support, molding to your foot’s natural shape. Our anatomical last design comfortably secures heel, arch and instep, while oversized channels and multiple flex grooves provide flexibility and traction. 

If it’s versatility you’re after, our Kane Revive can account for a variety of circumstances. With serious grip through its siped soles and large channels, you’ll find facing many types of grounding to be a breeze in these. 

The EVA RestoreFoam used in our injection molded sneaker is transformative and ultra-durable, so it’s built to last. For comfortable, day-long wear, you’ll want Kane by your side.  

Hoka slides

Both the Kane Revive and Hoka recovery slides are designed with cushioned soles and a supportive construction, delivering comfortable support for your feet and legs. 

While the Hoka slide certainly has some similar recovery benefits, the footbed stimulation simply doesn’t compare. The subtle grafts on their footbed just don’t measure up to our raised, energizing nodes.

Hoka slides also lack a backing and toe covering, meaning they will be naturally limited when it comes to versatility. Plus, the extra foot exposure means less overall protection. Nobody loves a slide caught on a stair or worse - a  stubbed toe!  

Oofos slides 

The footbed differentiation is similarly noticeable when comparing our sneaker to Oofos slides. While a few of our recovery features can be found in this slide, the Oofos footbeds are only subtly grafted (not unlike Hoka slides) which lack the leveled-up comfort and stimulation our Kane Revive has to offer. 

Oofos slides may be made from materials that are designed to last, however sandals generally do not have the same longevity as a recovery sneaker. Given their comparatively minimal construction, they’ll ultimately be more damage prone than a more robust sneaker.


Kane Revive

Our RestoreFoam beats out traditional foam footwear materials when it comes to sustainability. As an environmentally-conscious shoe brand, our company is committed to protecting our planet—and that’s reflected in our shoe. Building towards a more sustainable world is a core value of Kane’s. 

In our active recovery sneaker, you can feel great about restoring and renewing in a green shoe. Our Kane Revive is made with natural technology, derived in Brazil from renewable sugarcane. This special plant helps reduce greenhouse gasses by capturing CO2 as it grows, and we are proud to incorporate this natural process into our shoes. 

Hoka slides

Hoka similarly cares about the environment as a brand. The footwear company focuses on reducing their carbon footprint and emissions, and uses a combination of recycled, renewable, regenerated or natural materials in their shoes. 

Like Kane, Hoka takes their commitment to preserving the Earth to heart. Fostering a better, more sustainable world is a top priority for both companies.

Oofos slides 

While Oofos focuses on accessibility, and nobly gives back to the cancer community, they do not seem to have a sustainability mission or environmental protection goals.   

Oofos products are also made in Vietnam, Korea and China, without any mention of sustainable practices. Kane’s materials, on the other hand, are cultivated in compliance with Brazilian Sugarcane Agro Ecological Zoning laws. Details about the creation of our shoe can be easily found on our site, and is one of the first pieces of information someone can come across. 

Why you need recovery sneakers in your corner

Once you wear recovery shoes, you’ll probably never look back again. But it’s important to note that all recovery shoes are not created equal. While both the Hoka sandals and Oofos sandals certainly have some helpful recovery features, they’re simply not the optimal form of recovery shoes. Their overall effectiveness falls short when up against our Kane Revive sneaker. Bottom line—it’s a TKO!

If you’re dealing with sore or tired feet as a runner, after activities, or post workout, it’s time for some full-bodied, yet breathable active recovery sneakers in your life. Built for smooth transferability and energy return, you can take your recovery to new heights with our Kane Revive sneaker. Restoring and renewing just got a whole lot easier. 

As unisex sneakers with multiple colors and designs to choose from, there’s an option out there for everyone. Create your own unique look and start recovering better.

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