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Recovery Slides


Can’t touch this! Our recovery shoes beat them all

There’s a new contender in town with a superior way to recover. Time to toss those recovery flip flops and recovery slides aside and feel the difference in our Kane Revive active recovery sneaker. Transform your feet with each step in our ultra-durable and supportive athletic shoe. Finally, you can walk away from foot fatigue—for good. 

Available in multiple colors and patterns, consider these your go-to shoes for everyday wear. Our recovery shoes feature major support and durability with specialized, transformative qualities. Equipped with padded, oversized channels and siped soles, you’ll have all the flexibility and grip you’ve been waiting for. 

Foot strain and heel pain can take a hike when you’re wearing our robust, yet lightweight recovery shoe. The Kane Revive marries together our trademarked EVA RestoreFoam with top-tier design to deliver a recovery shoe like none other. Formed with accuracy to the foot’s anatomy, our shoe comfortably secures heel, arch and instep.

Meet the best active recovery shoe on the block 

Think a recovery sandal is the answer? You might want to reconsider. If you’re looking for the perfect intersection of comfort, functionality and ease—the Kane Revive sneaker has your solution. The Kane Revive’s oversized channels and siped soles provide flexibility and traction delivers all the breathability you need and the comfort you deserve for your day ahead. As for increased foot control and surrounding protection? These elements can’t be found in even the best recovery sandals. Feel the difference in our Kane Revive sneaker.

Easily washable, wipeable and quick-drying, our sneaker’s seamless nature has a leg up on many recovery shoes and other footwear varieties out there. Walking near water or on wet ground? No need to cope with fabric footwear or less reliable materials when our RestoreFoam is a breeze to wipe dry. And though a soft nylon toe post may have its place in the world, its convenience factor is limited: no on-the-spot drying option!

Our active recovery shoes cushion from front to back, allowing your foot to be positioned naturally. Plus, our sustainably crafted sneaker has many air holes for freshness, keeping any hot, swollen or uncomfortable feet cool. It’s time to put your best foot forward and achieve day long comfort.  

Recovery footwear you can count on

The best recovery shoes on the block have arrived. Whatever you’re doing throughout your day, our recovery sneaker provides sturdy traction and good arch support, helping to improve stamina and balance. With even weight distribution across each foot, our well-cushioned shoe reinforces as it eases aches. 

While still giving your feet room to breathe and move comfortably, our sneaker delivers sturdy, snug support. Plus, our raised footbed nodes provide extra stimulation for a massage-like effect, increasing foot circulation. Getting recovered and re-energized has never felt this convenient! 

Proper foot health is key when it comes to feeling your best, and that starts with treating your tired feet well. Once you start to wear recovery shoes, you may never go back to your days without them. Experience the transformative benefits of the Kane Revive and begin your recovery journey. 

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