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Jeremy Hills

Elite Athlete Trainer. An ambitious visionary who trains NFL and NCAA athletes in preparation for their upcoming seasons. Jeremy has taught performance training to exercise physiologists and physiotherapists in seven countries across the globe.


Eric Hinman

5x Ironman, qualifying twice for the Ironman World Championships. Eric has trained various modalities for 15+ years. A combination of strength training, functional bodybuilding, CrossFit, Running, Biking, Swimming, and Yoga. Eric has extensive knowledge of what has worked and what hasn’t worked to feel good day in and day out.

"I train now to feel strong, powerful, aerobically fit, and energized. The goal is to be ready to tackle anything life throws at me."

Made with natural technology.

Kane footwear uses BounceBack foam, made from sugarcane, to provide the ideal balance of support and cushioning. The Kane Revive is the first one-piece injection molded shoe made from eco-sustainable materials.

Out-recover the competition.

The Kane Revive was designed and developed in partnership with Dr. Daniel Geller, an authority in the treatment of foot and ankle injuries in elite runners, cyclists and triathletes. Active recovery features inside and outside the shoe ensure comfort and stability.


Kane is rethinking the untapped potential of everyday products. Infusing them with energy and vitality. The Revive is our first step in transforming the familiar into the exceptional, using innovative materials to change the lives of athletes around the world.

Come back better.

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