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  • Marathon Recovery Tips: How to Recharge and Repair Effectively

    After more training sessions than you can count, you’ve finally made it. Race day has come and you’ve reached the finish line! A major accomplishment for all marathon runners. But then the feeling hits you - your adrenaline and energy start to dwindle and exhaustion sets in. 

  • How to Relax Muscles - The 5 Most Effective Ways

    Whether you're feeling tight after a long flight or a rigorous workout, there are several straightforward ways to relax muscles. Muscle relaxation techniques may take time to learn and feel uncomfortable initially, but they can become quite enjoyable with time. It's also important to avoid overworking the affected muscle, get lots of sleep and drink plenty of fluids.

  • Recovery Shoes: The Best Shoes to Wear After Surgery

    After surgery, the type of shoes you wear can play a crucial role in your comfort and recovery. Chances are, your normal shoes (such as dress shoes) will have to wait until after your feet have healed, but you still need to be able to wear shoes—swollen foot or not—and the right ones can make all the difference.

  • The Best Shoes for Overpronation

    Overpronation is a common issue where the foot rolls inward excessively during normal walking or running. Choosing shoes that provide proper support and stability is essential if you have overpronation.

  • Sprained Ankle Recovery Time: A Breakdown

    Ankle sprains happen, and they are certainly no fun. The good news is, sprains typically don’t require ankle surgery, and there are many effective treatments and healing methods. 

  • Sore Muscles? Here's How to Use a Foam Roller

    Foam rollers aren’t for everybody. Sometimes they can feel a bit too intense and hard to master - especially for inexperienced users, or without proper technique. But foam rolling doesn’t have to be a challenge! In fact, foam rolling is an amazing type of self-massage that can help significantly with sore muscles, tightness and tension. 

  • What to do After Running: A Helpful Guide

    Running may simply be a pastime for you, or you may be the type that trains hard for that upcoming half marathon. No matter which kind of runner you are, ensuring your body can recuperate in the aftermath is essential. 

  • Muscle Relief: How a Foam Roller Helps with DOMS

    If you’ve used a foam roller before, it’s possible the thought of one doesn’t thrill you. Foam rollers can, at times, hurt a little - so it can feel like a chore taking on this kind of self-massage. This is a normal feeling! But it’s important to note that foam rolling can help tremendously with muscle tension - especially delayed onset muscle soreness. 

  • A Running Recovery Guide: 10 Steps to Follow

    Feeling proud of your running accomplishments? That’s great! But are you also feeling burned out and sore in the aftermath? That’s not so great. Fortunately, you’re not alone. Many runners and athletes experience post-run or post-exercise fatigue - the key is knowing how to manage it and recover properly.

  • Try these 10 Foot Alignment Excercises

    Many of us use our feet daily without even thinking about it. Which means we may also end up taking them for granted, forgetting entirely about the importance of foot health. So what problems can arise if we neglect our feet? Foot alignment problems, for starters, are chief among them.

  • Can I Walk on a Sprained Ankle?

    So you think you’ve just sprained your ankle. Ouch! While it’s best not to immediately panic, it’s natural to wonder about a few things. Can I walk on a sprained ankle? How long until the pain subsides and I’m feeling back to normal? Is this truly a sprain?

  • How Your Footwear Can Impact Feet Recovery

    Whether your feet ache from standing all day, wearing the wrong kind of shoe, or exercising, recovery will be top of your mind. And while staying off your feet for a while is a good idea, most of us realistically need to be out and about.

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