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The best active recovery shoe for those who dare to exceed expectations.

Few can match the impact and success of Hilary Knight on and off the ice. A winner at all levels of hockey, she is not only a champion for herself and her teams, but also for kids of the next generation. She has pushed herself to always be at her best, and in doing so, with a unique dedication and relentless pursuit of greatness, she has made space and inspired countless others.

“My collaboration with Kane is meaningful because of our alignment in values and mission to have a positive impact on people's lives, through my found love in sport, I have been able to do amazing things and for that I will forever be grateful, I’ve learned so many life lessons through sport and because of this my hope is that other young girls and women get to benefit from all that sports have to offer.”

The Kane x Knight collaboration is one born of the audacity to dare. To dare to be. To dare to create one’s own path, not out of an inflated idea of what you are but out of necessity. The hang loop of the Kane x Knight collab has Hilary Knight’s mantra: "Dare to Be _____", a phrase that has helped her through her successful and impactful career. Dare was a powerful word that helped her overcome both internal and external obstacles through her journey. It was this word and phrase that helped propel her to breaking the ice ceiling in hockey, so that she can create space not only for herself but for the next generation.

The antique white upper and nautical blue speckle bottom of the Kane x Knight were chosen by Hilary herself. They were her favorite colors growing up, and the colors serve as a reminder of her incredible journey, from young dreamer to a once in a generation athlete. The colors also symbolize the obstacles that she’s had to overcome, as well as the people and the support system that helped her along the way.

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Active Recovery Shoe

Kane Revive

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Limited Edition
Color: Kane x Knight

Antique White / Nautical Blue Speckle

A transformative, sustainably designed injection molded sneaker for active recovery.

Washable. Quick drying. Ultra durable.

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  • Includes 3 swappable hang loops
  • Made in Brazil from sugarcane-based EVA foam
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