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Oofos vs Kane Revive

After a long day of activities or a hard workout, your feet and legs need some serious relief. Dunking your feet in some cold water may help with inflammation in the immediate short term, but what about a longer term solution? Fortunately, recovery footwear is just the ticket.

For anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet, finding the right pair of shoes that provide comfort and support is crucial. Two popular options out there are the Kane Revive and Oofos recovery shoes. While the Oofos brand has a few iterations of recovery footwear, having too many options can sometimes be overwhelming.  So how about a single shoe that has the best of all worlds rolled into one? Now we’re talking. 

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at both of these recovery shoe brands, and see how they measure up back to back.

Are Oofos sandals the best recovery option?

We should clarify from the get go that active recovery sandals and flip flops are not the best form of recovery shoes. While they certainly have some recovery benefits, their capabilities fall flat when compared to our Kane Revive athletic recovery shoe. After all, an open toe shoe with no backing can only deliver so much control and security for your foot.

Our recovery shoe allows for a fully reliable walking experience—both indoors and outside. A sandal without backing or toe protection means there’s always the possibility of a slipping or flying off incident - especially if you’re in a hurry. Let’s not add that kind of what-if to our day of restoration! 

Oofos sells other forms of recovery footwear as well, however their canvas-like make-up is inferior when compared to our EVA RestoreFoam composition. Below, we’ll get into the nitty gritties of why you should choose the Kane Revive over Oofos shoes
as your top recovery pick. 

Recovery shoes breakdown:


Our Kane Revive is quick-drying and easily wipeable. No matter what wet or damp situation you may find yourself in, our bio-based, closed-cell EVA RestoreFoam is a cinch to dry. Whether it be water, rain or simply encountering a spill or other liquid, our shoe has your back. They’re also machine washable, so once your cool cycle is complete, you can easily wipe them dry, or just allow them to air dry. Super convenient. 

Another great feature to our shoe is that it’s just as functional in water as it is on land. Though the air holes can’t prevent water entry, our injection molded sneaker doesn't absorb moisture, so they're easy to dump out and wipe dry in a hurry. Enjoy the breezy composition of this lightweight, well-ventilated shoe.

The Oofmos Oofoam sandals may have some similar qualities to it, however, the rest of their fabric shoes simply can’t dry as quickly. When looking at the Oofoam specifically, it’s not super clear which closed cell foam this is made from. You have to go down a bit of a rabbit hole to even discover that it’s a closed cell foam to begin with, but which closed cell foam isn’t detailed anywhere. 

Oofos products are also made in Vietnam, Korea and China, without any mention of sustainable practices. Kane’s materials are both derived from and made exclusively in Brazil, cultivated in compliance with Brazilian Sugarcane Agro Ecological Zoning laws. Details about our shoe’s materials are easy to find on our website, and one of the first pieces of information a customer will come across. Transparency is key! 


The closed-toe design of our Kane Revive appeals to anyone who wants more toe protection, but still desires breathability. Our shoe combines many of the features of Oofos recovery sandals and Oofos recovery shoes by providing a full foot surround and backing, while allowing for ample airflow. Thanks to our perforations, each step taken feels breezy like a sandal, but with the robust control of a sneaker.

When compared to the Oofos recovery sandals specifically, our design is more versatile, as they can be worn in a wider range of settings. When your feet feel cool as a cucumber in a full coverage shoe, the world is your oyster. 

Both recovery styles can be worn for casual settings as well as athletic activities, and are available in a wide range of colors. 


When it comes to cushioning, both the Kane Revive and Oofos recovery shoes perform well. But there are some notable differences.

The Kane Revive has a dual density construction for generous cushioning and active support, molding to your foot’s natural shape. Our anatomical last design comfortably secures heel, arch and instep, while oversized channels and siped soles provide flexibility and traction. For comfortable, day-long wear, you’ll want Kane by your side.

While a few of the above recovery features are included in certain Oofos iterations, the footbed differentiation is major. When comparing our raised footbed nodes to the subtly grafted footbed in Oofos, good luck to our contender! The Kane Revive takes comfort to a whole new level. Our nodes activate blood flow in key pressure points and amplify stimulation, increasing energy levels.


Both the Kane Revive and Oofos recovery shoes are made from materials that are designed to last. With recovery in mind, the EVA RestoreFoam used in our injection molded sneaker is ultra-durable and can withstand daily wear and tear. Our shoe is transformative and built to last.

Recovery sandals tend not to have the same kind of longevity as a recovery sneaker, given their comparatively minimal construction. Though certain slip-ons may have a tougher quality to them, having less overall material can ultimately be more prone to damage over time. 

The other Oofos recovery shoes available may have some staying power, but fabrics simply can’t stand the test of time in the way our full-bodied EVA construction can. Fabrics, no matter how dense or tough, can fray, scratch, tear, pill and stain more easily. Plus, throwing them in the wash too often can cause damage to canvas-like materials. Even on low speed, cool washes, all that bumping around in the drum will eventually show. 

Recovery Benefits

Both the Kane Revive and Oofos recovery shoes are designed with cushioned soles and a supportive construction, providing a comfortable reinforcement for your feet and legs post-run, activity, workout or competition. 

The Kane Revive is created to reduce stress on the feet and joints, with brilliantly engineered shock absorption that curbs impact and encourages natural motion. Our six recovery features - breathability, stimulation, support, rebounding, cushioning and grip - all work together to revitalize peak readiness.

Issues like muscle fatigue can lead to a misalignment of the body, increasing the risk of certain injuries and pain spots. This is where our shoe comes into play and out-recovers the competition. Our sneaker can be beneficial for those with plantar fasciitis, heel pain, ankle pain, and other foot or muscle-related ailments.

Oofos recovery shoes, while having some of the same recovery benefits, can’t always be as easily incorporated into your day. Since there isn’t one catch-all solution, but instead multiple shoe types with scattered recovery features, you aren’t guaranteed the same benefits. Their sandal may provide certain recovery features, while their shoe may deliver others—the Kane Revive, on the other hand, has everything packaged up and ready to go. 


When it comes to sustainability, Kane cares deeply about the planet. 

As an environmentally-aware shoe brand, Kane is committed to protecting our environment. Building towards a better, more sustainable earth is one of our essential values. 

Our Kane Revive active recovery shoe is made with natural technology, engineered from our one-of-a-kind RestoreFoam. This substance is derived in Brazil from local sugarcane, a renewable resource. Sugarcane helps reduce greenhouse gasses by capturing CO2 as it grows, and we are proud to include this natural process in each and every shoe we make. 

Our proprietary RestoreFoam delivers supreme, cushioned support, allowing the body to restore and - as our name rightly puts it - revive. Being able to recover our feet sustainably is something we take seriously.  

Though Oofos has a focus on accessibility, as well as nobly giving back to the community in the form of cancer research donations, they do not appear to have a sustainability mission or environmental protection goals.   

Why Kane Revive beats Oofos recovery footwear

Don’t get us wrong, Oofus gets a few things right. But our Kane Revive is the reigning champ when compared to their recovery shoes, along with many other recovery footwear options on the market. While wearing Oofos might be an acceptable addition to your day, why go with acceptable when you can have exceptional

Once you slide into our active recovery sneaker, chances are you’ll never look back. Whether you’re walking around your house in them, out for a stroll, stretching, lifting weights, or running errands, our Kane Revive has you covered. Restoring and renewing are now an integral part of your day, taking your quality of life to new distances. 

With multiple colors and designs to choose from, there’s truly an option available for everyone, no matter your shoe size. Our Kane Revive is easy to style for both men and women, so you can create your very own look. Whether it’s the white and black, olive, or bubblegum pink that’s up your alley, we’re certain you’ll land on the perfect look for you.

And an added bonus? Our Kane Revive comes with trusty hang loop sets that are fun and easy to switch up and personalize. Each sneaker order arrives with 3 swappable loops in various colors—a handy addition to your shoe! Our hang loops make it seamless to carry our sneaker around, clip to your bike or backpack, or hang up on hooks.

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