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New Balance Vs Kane Revive

Time to think on your feet. We all know what it’s like to get home after a long workout and need immediate relief. Hard-working athletes in particular need to get back to their best the very next day—so they can do it all over again. So what’s the solution for your day (or even half day) of rest? Fortunately, with so many active recovery footwear options on the market, you can finally give yourself the break you deserve. 

Choosing the right recovery shoe for you is a step not to be taken for granted. Each recovery shoe out there has distinctive qualities that may make or break your decision. Careful consideration of what these specific shoes have to offer can help you weigh in on their most important qualities, and decide what’s essential to you

In this article, we’ll dig into how our Kane Revive and the New Balance Fresh Foam RCVRY are similar as recovery shoes, and how they differ from one another. At the end of the day, you know the needs of your feet best, but we can help you hone in on that decision a little bit better.  

Let’s dive into what makes the two shoes similar.


When it comes to sustainability, both companies care deeply about the planet. 

As environmentally-aware shoe brands, Kane and New Balance are committed to protecting our environment. Building towards a better, more sustainable earth is essential to both of their values. 

Our Kane Revive active recovery shoe is made with natural technology, comprised of our specialty RestoreFoam. This material is derived in Brazil from local sugarcane, a renewable resource. Sugarcane helps reduce greenhouse gasses by capturing CO2 as it grows, and we are proud to incorporate this natural phenomenon into our shoe. 

Our trademarked RestoreFoam delivers the ideal balance of cushioned support, allowing the body to recover and renew. Being able to restore our feet in a sustainable manner is definitely something to get excited about.  

New Balance similarly has sustainable goals and targets they’re achieving when it comes to the environment and their product—carbon reductions and recycling among them.    

Machine washable construction: 

Is your shoe fresh as a daisy? Being able to wash your shoes without worrying that they may fall apart is crucial. And depending on what you’ve walked through or stepped in that day, there isn’t always time to thoroughly hand scrub your shoes. 

Both our Kane Revive and the Fresh Foam RCVRY’s machine washable construction helps to keep each shoe clean, allowing for a quick ready-to-wear again solution. With this super easy care, you can let your machine do the washing so you don’t have to. Simply select a cold rinse, hang dry, and you’ll be all set. 

Recovery features:

Certain recovery features are similar when it comes to the Kane Revive and New Balance recovery shoes. Their construction is distinctive from one another, but each is built with durability in mind. Kane is comprised of EVA RestoreFoam, whereas the Fresh Foam RCVRY shoe is made using a combination of materials. 

Both shoes have raised footbed nodes, which help to stimulate and activate blood flow. Delivering a massage-like feel in each step, your feet will be instantly comforted and energized throughout the day. The massaging footbed of these shoes is a unique recovery attribute not necessarily found everywhere. 

One of the most comfortable materials used in footwear is EVA foam. Our Kane Revive’s dual density EVA construction allows for exceptional cushioning while supporting the foot for active recovery. Our unique RestoreFoam is robust yet soft, delivering a most desirable outcome. 

Your feet will get the cushioned midsole support in both shoes, which is key for post-workout recovery. With anatomical design in mind, you'll have the control and security you need for your feet. 

Let’s jump into the differences between these two shoes, and the reasons you may select one versus the other.

Kane Revive and Fresh Foam RCVRY differences:


Our Kane Revive active recovery shoe takes airflow to new heights. With plenty of air holes allowing for major ventilation and breathability, your feet will no longer suffer from swelling or overheating. Achieving this kind of freshness in a shoe is a truly remarkable quality.

Our exterior perforations and interior channels are engineered with your foot in mind. Enhancing air circulation in each step, you’ll be basking in cool relief throughout your day. Enjoy all the breathing room you can get from our lightweight shoe. 

The New Balance Fresh Foam RCVRY, on the other hand, has a mesh incorporated into their sneaker. Their no-tie mesh upper layer can provide moderate breathability, however this kind of fabric coverage has clear limitations. The Fresh Foam RCVRY is rather foot hugging in its fit, containing your already hot and uncomfortable feet closely in its mesh foot surround. 

In these regards, the New Balance recovery shoe has restricted airflow capabilities and reduced breathing room.   


Our Kane Revive has many convenient qualities—and being quick-drying and easily wipeable is high among them. Regardless of what you encounter as you go about your day, our bio-based closed-cell RestoreFoam is a cinch to dry. Whether it be water, rain or simply encountering a spill or other liquid underfoot, our shoe has you covered. You can easily wipe it dry, or even allow it to air dry, and you’ll be on your way again in a matter of moments. Doesn’t get more seamless than that!

Another bonus to our shoe? It’s highly functional both in water and on land, since it doesn’t absorb moisture and can dry in a snap. Even after directly being submerged in water (whether it be planned or unplanned!) you can simply get back out again, quickly dry off your shoe, and continue on with your day. Enjoy the breezy nature of this lightweight, highly ventilated shoe and stay cool, calm and collected.

This is not the case, however, with the New Balance Fresh Foam RCVRY. Their shoe’s mesh component doesn’t allow for any quick, on-the-spot drying action—drying will take much more time and effort here. This kind of fabric is far less ideal when it comes to managing precipitation, puddles of water, sprinkler systems, or spills on and around your shoe. Not the most convenient.    

Hang Loops:

Our Kane Revive comes with trusty hang loops that are fun and easy to switch up and personalize. Each sneaker order arrives with 3 swappable loops in various colors—a handy addition to your shoe!   

Our hang loops make it seamless to carry our Kane Revives around, clip to your bike or backpack, or hang up on hooks or a coat rack. If you leave the house with a pair on your feet, and a pair in tow, our hang loops make it convenient to travel light. After all, many of us like to change up our shoes when inside versus outdoors, so it’s helpful to have options that are easy!

Plus, no need to stress over a busy doorway with our hang loops as an option. If you’re dealing with a smaller floor space on your hands, you can simply hang these sneakers up and out of the way without a second thought. A truly uncomplicated method for storing your shoes. 

Although the New Balance Fresh Foam RCVRY has a pull-on handle at the back, it’s not meant to be used as a hang loop. Its shape and position wouldn’t allow for a simple hang up on a hook, and hanging may even pull much on the fabric of the shoe over time. Without that easy option to hang them in a restricted space, there is less last minute convenience with this shoe.   

Kane Revive vs New Balance RCVRY Shoe: Quick Guide 

Kane Revive

NB Fresh Foam RCVRY Shoe

Ultra-breathable with air perforations

Not as breathable with tighter mesh upper

Quick-drying with full shoe EVA construction

Not as quick to dry with mesh fabric

Swappable hang-loop option

No swappable hang loops

The best women and men's transition shoe:

If you’re dealing with tired feet after a tough game, or sore feet from a day of activities, you’re ready to graduate to active recovery footwear. You can even feel more comfortable pushing it to the max, knowing you can recover quickly. Transition easily from one activity or time of day to the next in our Kane Revive. Built for smooth transferability and energy return, get ready to accelerate recovery in our sneaker. 

Want all day comfort? Making sure you start and end off your day on the right foot has a strong link to your footwear of choice. The days of wearing inferior, inflexible footwear are behind us—it’s time to treat our feet with care, and be conscious of what we’re putting on them everyday.

We spend many consecutive hours on our feet, so choosing a shoe with flexibility and traction is key. Our sneaker has unrivaled grip through its siped soles and large channels, you’ll find it easy to contend with many kinds of terrain or grounding in these. Restoring and renewing are now an integral part of your day, taking your quality of life to new distances.  

Consider our Kane Revive your perfect lightweight companion. No more feeling weighed down by clunky, suffocating shoes on the go—this recovery sneaker is your airy confidant. 

With multiple colors and designs to choose from, there’s truly an option available for everyone, no matter your shoe size. Our Kane Revive is easy to style for both men and women, so you can create your very own look. Simply click ‘select size,’ and you’re off to the races.
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