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Under Armor Vs Kane Shoes

Whether you’re a full-blown athlete or just a regularly active person, you’re probably looking for the best ways to optimize your daily recovery. Enter—recovery footwear. This specific type of footwear is a great tool to have lined up for post-workout.

Two popular options available today are our Kane Revive active recovery sneaker, and Under Armour recovery shoes. These shoes are great for walking your dog, running errands, stretching, weight-lifting, and much more. But are they built identically, with all the same benefits?

In this article, we’ll lay out some of the similarities and differences between the above options, and help you hit the ground running in the best fit. Time to get recovering!

What is a recovery shoe? 

A recovery shoe is a specially engineered type of footwear that promotes recovery after physical activity. If designed optimally, like our Kane Revive, they’re built for muscle recovery and soreness reduction, targeting all areas of the foot. Our shoe provides support and cushioning for your feet while decreasing stress on your muscles and joints.

The best recovery shoes out there will help lower inflammation, improve blood circulation, and reduce the risk of injury. Active individuals choose to wear recovery footwear between intense workouts, during light workouts, and at other times throughout their day. People who spend many hours standing or moving around on their feet for their job can also benefit from this type of shoe.

Are Under Armour recovery shoes best for your feet?

Though Under Armour recovery shoes are an example of recovery footwear out there, their two recovery options pale in comparison to our Kane Revive. Their UA Recover LCE Shoes and their UA Micro G Kilchis Slip Recover Fishing Shoes may have certain recovery features, but are missing some of the unique, essential benefits that our shoe has to offer.

Recovery shoes breakdown:


The Kane Revive, UA Recover LCE Shoes and the UA Micro G Kilchis Slip Recover Fishing Shoes all have a closed-toe design. When it comes to protecting your toes and overall foot, this is a beneficial recovery shoe style and structure. But can all 3 shoes breathe effectively without an open toe?

The closed-toe design of our Kane Revive is unique in its unparalleled breathability. Although our shoe has full heel-to-toe coverage, it delivers ample airflow. Thanks to our perforations, each step taken feels as breezy as a sandal, but with the robust control of a sneaker. Plus, if you encounter a chillier day, or end up in a cool, air conditioned setting, simply pair our shoe with socks of your choosing and you’re all set.

Our active recovery shoe is also designed with a slightly roomier toe box and wider fit than the UA Recover LCE Shoes and the UA Micro G Kilchis Slip Recover Fishing Shoes. This bit of extra space allows for a natural, comfortable toe splay, and is even a great fit for those with bunions or wider feet. (And if you need even more space, sizing up is easy!) 

Both recovery styles can be worn for casual settings as well as athletic activities, however the Under Armour options come in very few colors (brown, black or gray.) Our Kane Revive comes in a multitude of colors, giving much more variety.   


Cushioning is critical when it comes to your recovery footwear. Fortunately, both the Kane Revive and the two Under Armour recovery shoes do well in this regard. But there are some undeniable differences.

The Kane Revive has a dual density construction for generous cushioning and active support, molding to your foot’s natural shape. Our anatomical last design comfortably secures heel, arch and instep, while oversized channels and siped soles provide flexibility and traction. For the best day-long wear on the block, you’ll want Kane by your side (and on your feet.)

While a few of the above recovery features are included in the aforementioned Under Armour iterations, the footbed is the real kicker here. When comparing our raised footbed nodes to their run-of-the-mill insoles, the winner takes it all. Our Kane Revive brings comfort and circulation to new heights. Our nodes activate blood flow in key pressure points and amplify stimulation, increasing energy levels.


Our Kane Revive is one of the quickest drying recovery shoe options on the market. Our bio-based EVA RestoreFoam is super easy to wipe or air dry, depending on your circumstance. Stepped in water? Got splashed? That’s no matter—our shoe has your back. 

Plus, you can easily machine wash our sneaker on a cool cycle should you spill anything other than water on them. And once the cycle is complete? Simply grab your nearest towel or rag. If it’s a sunny day, they could even dry outdoors among the elements. You’ll be back on your feet in a flash.

Another great feature to our shoe is that it’s just as functional in water as it is on land. Though the air holes can’t prevent water entry, our injection molded sneaker doesn't absorb moisture, so they're easy to dump out and wipe dry in a hurry. Enjoy the breezy composition of this lightweight, well-ventilated shoe.

Though the two Under Armour shoe options tout their breathable, quick-drying nature, the truth of the matter is—textiles and fabrics can never dry as quickly as EVA. Case closed!  


Both the Kane Revive and Under Armour recovery shoes are made from solid, sturdy materials. The EVA RestoreFoam of our injection molded sneaker, however, takes the cake when it comes to durability. This specialty blend can withstand daily wear and changing circumstances, allowing this transformative shoe to last.

The two Under Armour recovery shoes available may last longer than the average shoe, but textiles and fabrics simply don’t have the same longevity as our RestoreFoam. No matter how dense or tough these materials are, they can eventually fray, scratch, tear, pill and stain. Plus, throwing them in the wash too often can cause damage to these materials - even on low speed, cool washes.

Recovery Benefits

The Kane Revive is developed to target and reduce stress placed on the feet and joints. With specially engineered shock absorption qualities, each impact is controlled and natural motion is promoted throughout your steps. Our six recovery features - breathability, stimulation, support, rebounding, cushioning and grip - all work together to restore your peak readiness.

Both the Kane Revive and Under Armour recovery shoes are designed with cushioned soles and a supportive construction, providing a comfortable reinforcement for your feet and legs post-run, activity, workout, or competition. But when it comes to the best in class? Our shoe gets the gold. Our combined, unique recovery features are always one step ahead of our challengers.

Our recovery sneaker ensures that your muscle fatigue is alleviated, so your body has the ability to maintain proper alignment. This process helps to decrease the risk of certain injuries and exacerbating pain spots. Whether you’re experiencing heel, ankle or arch soreness, we’ve got your antidote. 


Our Kane Revive active recovery shoe is made with natural technology, engineered from our proprietary RestoreFoam. This substance is derived in Brazil from local sugarcane, a renewable resource. Sugarcane helps reduce greenhouse gasses by capturing CO2 as it grows, and we are proud to include this natural process in each and every shoe we make. 

When it comes to sustainability, Kane cares deeply about the planet. 

As an environmentally-aware shoe brand, Kane is committed to protecting the Earth. Building towards a better, more sustainable planet is one of our essential values. 

Our trademarked RestoreFoam delivers the ideal balance of cushioned support, allowing the body to recover and renew. Being able to restore our feet in a sustainable manner is definitely something to get excited about.    

Under Armour similarly has sustainable goals and targets they’re working to achieve when it comes to the environment and how it relates to their product. Reducing carbon emissions and recycling materials are a few of their areas of focus.   

The final recovery shoe decision 

Choosing the right recovery shoe for you is a step not to be taken for granted. Each recovery shoe out there has distinctive qualities that may make or break your decision. Careful consideration of what these specific shoes have to offer can help you weigh in on their most important qualities, and decide what’s essential to you

Overall, both shoes are designed with similar principles in mind. Each brand prioritizes recovery features like comfort, traction and support. However, the Kane Revive has unique features, such as quick-drying EVA RestoreFoam, air holes for maximized breathability, and raised footbed nodes for boosted stimulation—to name a few. 

Whatever you’re doing throughout your day, our recovery sneaker will help you improve stamina and balance. By evenly distributing your weight across each foot, our well-cushioned shoe reinforces as it eases aches. 

Proper foot health is key when it comes to feeling your best, and that starts with treating your tired feet well. Once you incorporate our recovery shoe into your daily routine, you may never go back to your days without them. Experience the transformative services the Kane Revive provides and you can look forward to your recovery journey.  

Our recovery sneaker provides sturdy, snug reinforcement while still giving your feet the freedom they need. And an added bonus? You can always conveniently hang them up, or clip them to your backpack or bike, by their trusty hang loops. Each order comes with a set of three, in different colors.

Our glowing reviews truly speak volumes, but don’t take our (or anyone else’s) word for it—test out our active recovery sneaker today!

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