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Active Recovery Shoe

Kane Revive

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Color: Kane x Mazza 2

Evergreen/White Speckle

A transformative, sustainably designed injection molded sneaker for active recovery.

Washable. Quick drying. Ultra durable.

  • Free Shipping on orders over $100
  • Includes 3 swappable hang loops (not to be pulled on)
  • Made in Brazil from sugarcane-based EVA foam
  • All orders are shipped from Westfield, IN

Size guide

The Kane Revive shoe size follows standard sizing for a running shoe. The shoe size chart should therefore reflect your normal fit.


We recommend sizing down. (ex. if you typically wear size 10.5 - select size 10).

For a wider foot, go one half size up (ex. if you typically wear size 10.5 - select size 11).

Still have questions regarding sizing, please feel free to reach out at

Shoe width US mens US womens inches cm
B+ width 3 5 8.5 21.6
4 6 8.8 22.3
5 7 9.1 23.0
6 8 9.3 23.6
7 9 9.6 24.4
D width 8 10 9.9 25.1
9 11 10.3 26.0
10 12 10.6 27.0
11 13 10.9 27.7
12 14 11.3 28.7
13 15 11.6 29.4
14 16 11.9 30.2
15 17 12.3 31.2


Nothing Changes 2.0

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes is a powerful saying that can apply to anything. 

 As you enter new phases in life you will always need to reevaluate what worked and what didn’t work to get you there. Each need phase will require a new you, a new effort, and a stronger mindset because what got you here won’t get you to 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and beyond. 

The Kane collaboration is very meaningful for me because the Revive represents rejuvenation from the ground up. The Kane x Mazza 2 represents the second phase of my life with the colors being the green and white in my office. The white brick in my office sybmolizes building your life brick by brick and throughout that journey a brick may not work or break and you need to adjust. Change it, fix it, tweak it. Thats the only way to move forward in life. I want people to feel they had a strong foundation followed by exponential growth as long as they are working for it.

My life is hectic in a good way, it demands 100 percent 24/7, and I wouldn’t want it any different. I love seeing my whole family put on their Nothing Changes collab as they go off chasing their dreams with a strong foundation on their feet. 

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